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How to stop procrastinating right now

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

God I am the worst for this, it’s been my biggest hurdle in my life.

It’s actually stopped me doing so many things as I’ve procrastinated so long over it.

Why do we do this ?? We doubt the one person that we should have the most confidence in….. ourselves !!!!

We put things off until we think we are ready !!! We will never be ready if we keep putting things off ! The one thing that stops us is, we think we might fail but we can’t be scared of failure!!

Failure is the one thing that is key to our success!!! Without failure and doing things wrong how do we know what to do right !??

Who cares if we fail ?? The only person that cares is us and what’s the worst that could happen? We just dust ourselves off and try again!!! No one actually cares what we do as they’re too busy worrying about themselves.

We all need to focus one number 1 and that’s ourselves !!!

So ….. go and do that thing you’ve always wanted to do !!!

Write the book, start singing lessons, go on the dating app, start your business!!!

JUST DO IT !! Don’t procrastinate anymore !!!!!

Put yourself first and make yourself happy !!! You get one shot at this !!

Claire Michelle
Founder of Claire Michelle Pilates & The Wake-up Workout.
"After suffering a really serious accident, as part of my rehabilitation, Pilates and the reformer changed my life, I think without it I wouldn’t be walking as good as I do now. I love working out and I love the way it makes my body and mind feel. Most of all I love helping my ladies transform themselves to be fitter and stronger."

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